Aman Katerina - 2015

The "Toundas project" has been on my mind for a long time.During my first musical steps a great musician and friend told me: Girl,Toundas is   a dangerous composer"...He was so right... I want to thank everyone who contributed to the making of this cd.Starting from the basic "triad" Nikos Protopapas, Giorgos Rokas and Nikos Karapiperis.Irreplaceable,co workers and co travelers!All the great musicians who gave their hearts and talent!A special thank you to the great singers of the new generation of rebetiko and traditional music, Zacharias Karounis, Areti Ketime, and Sotiris Papatragiannis.I also want to thank Agathonas,whose participation is a big honor. Finally my producer   Nikos Oikonomou who trusts me and gives me freedom!


Have a good time listening!