Opou ki an eisai gyrise - 2012

This cd evolved to be a family situation….

Everybody who took part in it is either relatives or close friends.

I start with my Nikos who put in the work his unlimited energy, he always got my back and he always put  me in my place…

George Rokas is the key to this cd because he brought a new air with his beautiful playing and is smiles.

Sotiris was miraculous  with his voice and his arts!

Mitsos is a special guy whose notes travel us all back to the past..

Giannis ,a new addition, is a complete guarantee !

With Spyros we o long time back, Michalis, Evi  and of course Antonis and Thodoris Xintaris  ,the new blood of the cd!

What can I say about Nikos Karapiperis..He always makes me bloom!

Special gift to me the the participation of Glykeria who has talend and character!

Thank you all

Katerina Tsiridou

Dedicated to Giannis and Marios